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Terwillegar Towne Edmonton

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Named in honor of Dr. Norman L. Terwillegar (1884-1948), Terwillegar Towne, in Edmonton Alberta Canada, is a picturesque neighborhood equally suitable to starting a family or settling down for retirement.


Located in Ward 9, Terwillegar Towne, was the very first community in Edmonton to embrace the concept of the neo-traditional community and provides a wonderful example of the new Urbanism style of development. As a result, roadways were specifically constructed to encourage pedestrian traffic, houses are situated closer to the street in order to encourage interaction between neighbors and a beautiful town square with neighbourhood parks was provided to be the focus for the community. The neighborhood is bounded by 23rd Avenue, which is to the north, Rabbit Hill Road to the east, Terrillegar Boulevard to the south, and to the west is Terwillegar Drive.

As a relatively new development, this began in the late 1990’s and continued well in to the new millennium, Terwillegar boasts residential units within single and semi-detached homes, row houses and apartment-style buildings. Commercial areas are primarily focused in the town center, located along Terwillegar Blvd., in order to facilitate the goal of pedestrian traffic and neighbor interaction. Two public schools are located in the area and within walking distance to many of the homes in the area. One school is located adjacent to the town centre east of Town Centre Boulevard and the other is located on the western side of the boulevard in roughly the centre of the neighborhood.

Terwillegar also offers easy access to transit services; the Leger Transit Center is located on the northern edge of the neighborhood along 23rd avenue. Also located next to the Leger Transit Center is the new Terwillegar Community Recreation Center.

The Terwillegar Community Recreation Center is the pride and joy of the neighborhood and, quite frankly, the envy of many of the surrounding areas. The Terwillegar Community Recreation Center offers an aquatic center, a fitness center, track, 3 full sized gymnasiums, the Subway Arena, a Children’s wing and four commercial spaces.

Aquatic Centre

The Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre’s aquatic centre features:

  • Salt-water pool with 8 53 meter lanes, 1 & 3 meter diving boards, and a 5 meter diving platform
    Depth: 0-3.8m
  • Salt-water leisure and wave pool with spray features
    Depth: 0-1.8m
  • Salt-water whirlpool for 30 people
  • Salt-water lazy river and waterslide
  • Salt-water tot pool with ramp access
    Depth: 0.6-0.75m
  • Steam room for 18 people

Fitness Centre & Track
The fitness centre and track features a:

  • State-of-the-art exercise equipment
  • 2 program studios
  • 206 meter indoor walking/jogging track

Realty Executives Flexi-hall

  • Flexi-hall with 3 full-sized gymnasiums


  • 4 NHL-sized ice sheets including Realty Executives sponsored Rink B
  • 20 dressing rooms
  • Room for up to 710 spectators in Rink #1 (between 200-260 spectators in the other 3)
  • 3 tournament rooms
  • 3 multi-purpose rooms
  • Skate sharpening

Children’s Wing

  • Indoor playground
  • Child-minding services
  • 3 children’s programming rooms

Four Commercial Spaces

  • Rejuvination Health Services
  • DQ Orange Julius
  • Second Cup
  • Running Room

For those of you who are serious about raising a family, Terwillegar Community Recreation Center Children’s wing is an excellent resource. Here parents can take advantage of the Indoor Playground that hosts children up to 10 years of age from
8am-8pm daily. Here parents and children alike can enjoy the drop-in indoor playground where children can climb, slide, balance and roll in a spacious room full of tyke-sized play equipment. There is also the Kids Den (child minding service) that hosts children form the ages of newborn to day one of grade one (up to 11 yrs evenings and Saturdays). The Kids Den, is a drop in babysitting service that provides a fun and safe place for children to be active while parents can enjoy their own recreational pursuits. For more information, you can visit the web site for the recreation center.

Given that this is a “new” community, the population density is that of mostly young couples and families with a few local professionals. According to the last census the median age for adults was between 25 to 40 years old and the majority of the children were 4 and under. As the community has grown, in addition to the two public schools, two private Catholic Schools have been built; the Archbishop Joseph MacNeil School and the Monsignor William Irwin Catholic School.

As of the last census, over 93% of the homes were owner occupied with families that had an average income of over $114,028 Canadian. Of that, 77% of the homes were single detached houses, 6% were either semi-detached, triplex, or fourplex, and 7% were row houses. The Apartment rental market comprises the remaining 11%. There are over 10 parks in the area, many of which are in walking distance of residential areas, two children’s play grounds and the Whitemud Ravine Nature Reserve is a mere 5 minute drive away. This neighborhood was specifically designed to provide the “small town” feel to its residents despite being within a City. With beautifully landscaped and tree-lined roadways, rolling grassy knolls, ponds and lakes, is it no wonder that there is a 97% occupancy rate in Terwillegar?

There is very strong home ownership demand in Terwilleger and this is reflected strongly in the median home prices of the neighborhood. At the time of this writing, there were only 19 homes in the area for sale, the cheapest of which was $232,000 Canadian. The average price ranges between $400,000 and $600,000 Canadian for Single family homes while Row houses and townhomes range from $225,000 to $370,000.

Terwillegar Towne is a unique neighborhood, craftily located within the City that was specifically designed to meet certain aspirations and goals for its residence. With those goals being met, there is a strong desire by the community to maintain them and as such there is the Terwillegar Towne Residents Association.” Its rapid growth has proven that the formula works. More and more families are moving into Terwillegar Towne and making it the place that they call home.

Southgate Area Edmonton

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

For those of you looking to relocate to Edmonton Alberta Canada, the Southgate Center Area might just be perfect for you.

The Southgate Center Area is comprised of Lendrum Place, Malmo Plains, Lansdowne, Grandview Heights, Parkallen, Allendale, Pleasantview, Aspen Gardens, Westbrook Estates, Blue Quill Estates, Royal Gardens, and Greenfield.

Lendrum Place: The neighborhood was named in honor of Robert Lendrum, one of Edmonton’s early land surveyors and is located in Ward 10. Lendrum Place is predominately residential in its character and appeal with most of the properties being single-family homes. However, there is a good selection of Apartment dwellings located adjacent to many of the bus routes in the area with schools and a community league site near the center of the neighborhood. There is a commercial plaza located along 111th street with additional shopping areas at the nearby Southgate Shopping Center. There is very little sales data available making it difficult to provide an average listing price of the homes in the area. This would signify that home ownership is high and there is little transient ownership.

Malmo Plains: Located just minutes from the University of Alberta South Campus, is located in Ward 10 and is a typical example of Edmonton’s mature neighborhoods. Developed during the 1960’s, this area contains a good mix of single, semi-detached, and row houses along with a good selection of low and high rise apartment buildings. While not as new as some of the neighborhoods, Malmo Plains is still a picturesque area with The University of Alberta’s married student multi-family complex, located on the western end of the neighborhood, a central schools and park site. There are no commercial centers within the neighborhood itself, but it does offer easy access to a variety of surrounding areas including the Southgate Mall. Average occupancy rate for Malmo Plains is 100% making demand high and as such the median home price is between $200,000 and $300,000 Canadian.

Lansdowne: Located in Ward 10, Lansdowne is also another one of Edmonton’s mature neighborhoods as it was annexed into the City of Edmonton in 1960. Situated between the University of Alberta’s farm land to the North and the Whitemud Creek Ravine to the West, Lansdowne is unique. The farmlands provide a pastoral atmosphere and a rural agricultural setting with trails and bike paths through the eastern portion of the farm. Whitemud Creek offers a natural woodland habitat as well as skiing and recreational facilities and access to all of the river valley park trails. As a result most of the housing here is single family homes on above average size lots. Lansdown residents are serviced by many local businesses in or near the Lansdown Shopping Center as well as ease of access to the nearby Southgate Mall. As you can imagine, demand here is high with almost 100% occupancy rates. Prices here vary greatly with homes ranging anywhere from $300,000 Canadian to upwards of $700,000 Canadian.

Grandview Heights: Also located in Ward 10, Grandview Heights was annexed into the City of Edmonton in 1913, but it was not until the 1960’s the residential development was began in the area. This neighborhood is prized for its location; at the north and west end boundaries lie the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Whitemud Creek Ravine. To the south and east are the fields of the University of Alberta farm. The lots here are larger than normal with very mature landscaping, with easy access to the educational, recreational, and commercial facilities located in the neighborhood’s southwest portion. As you can imagine demand here is high with 94% of the homes being owner occupied with 100% occupancy. Prices here are high, with an average price of well over $600,000 Canadian.

Parkallen: Located in Ward 10 and situated next to the University of Alberta farm land, this neighborhood offers picturesque rural settings with a quaint central park and school site. The neighborhood is predominately single family detached homes; most common are the bungalow and semi-bungalow style. There are a few apartment buildings in the area but they are mainly low-rise style apartments. This is a much more affordable neighborhood with homes ranging in price from $100,000 to just under $500,000 Canadian.

Allendale: This area is currently under a revitalization with a number of new home constructions as well as substantial remodeling as a result there is quite a bit more selection of homes that are for sale than in some of the other neighborhoods. Centrally located, Allendale has exceptional access to the University of Alberta Campus and Hospital, the Whyte Avenue commercial district and the Southgate Shopping center. This area is predominately single family homes and with the revitalization homes are now listing between $300,000 and $700,000 Canadian.

Pleasantview: This area, located in Ward 10, is also seeing a revitalization with many of the post World War II bungalows being replaced with larger single family homes and some areas boast brand new Condominium developments. A strong commercial element is located along the Calgary Trail South and at the corner of 52nd Avenue and 111th street. Southgate Mall and the new Southgate LRT station are located immediately south of the neighborhood. The distinctive land feature for which this area is named is the hill on which it sits providing a “Pleasant view” that is not available anywhere else. Home demand here is strong and prices range from a reasonable $300,000 Canadian to upwards of $650,000 for some of the larger homes.

Aspen Gardens: Aspen Gardens was designed specifically to appeal to the more affluent individuals and families providing a quiet affluent neighborhood complete with attractive and well-kept paths and trails for both pedestrians and cyclists alike, larger homes and mature landscaping. Commercial services are easily accessible at the Southgate and Heritage Malls as well as in nearby Westbrook and Petrolia. Demand here is high and be prepared to pay a premium for the area. Prices range upwards of $450,000 Canadian to as high as $1.5 million Canadian.

Westbrook Estates: Bounded on the west by Whitemud Creek Ravine and the Derrick gold and Winter Club to the east, Westbrook Estates provides the perfect neighborhood for those individuals and families looking for a high quality residential environment with beautiful architecturally designed larger homes on large lots. Demand here is also high and home prices are in excess of $470,000 Canadian.

Blue Quill Estates: Not to be confused with the Blue Quill Neighborhood, Blue Quill Estates is an affluent residential area located near the Whitemud Creek and the Blackmud Creek ravines which offer near year round outdoor recreational activities. This neighborhood is the most westerly portion of the Kaskitayo Outline Plan Area and was not annexed until 1971, so many of the homes here are newer than other surrounding areas. With the focus of the neighborhood development being centralized around Whitemud Creek and Blackmud Creek ravines, the area boasts a number of strategically placed paths and trails for easy access by both pedestrian and cyclists. Home demand here is high with a 100% occupancy rate but, fortunately, this neighborhood offers more rentals than many others with rental properties accounting for 49% fo the homes in the area. Home prices here range from the affordable, $200,000 to $300,000 Canadian, to the affluent $700,000 to $800,000 range.

Royal Gardens: This is a more mature neighborhood with development beginning during the early 1960’s. While most of the homes here are single family homes there are multi-family complexes bordering 40th avenue and 122nd street. There are four schools located in the area with the High School being co-located with a large community recreational area that boasts the Confederation Pool. While commercial development here is extremely limited, residents can find ample amenities in the surrounding neighborhoods and the nearby Southgate Mall. Homes here are older and so demand is not as high as in some of the other areas, but as a result, the homes are much more affordable ranging from the low $100,000 to a modest $300,000 Canadian.

Greenfield: This neighborhood exploded as Vetarans returned from World War II and settled here. As a result, this is a well established and mature neighborhood that features larger single family homes on attractive cul-de-sacs. There is also a centrally located school and recreational facilities. There is also a centrally located business district serving the needs of the residents with additional retail services being provided by the Southgate mall. Homes prices here are modes and range between $300,000 and $500,000 Canadian.

Whatever your budget or whatever your needs, the Southgate area of Edmonton is sure to have a neighborhood that meets your every need and expectation. Take the time to get to know Southgate and you are sure to find that one special place to call home.


Edmonton South East Real Estate

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

When deciding on a new place to live, there are always going to be questions about any prospective neighborhoods or communities. There are certain facets of everyday living that you’re going to want to maintain that are ideal for you and your family. If you’re relocating to or within the Edmonton area, there are a wide variety of high-quality selections when it comes to neighborhoods. Whether you want a place in which to raise a family or if you’re just looking to live the single life, there is an ample supply of information at every turn that help you become an Edmonton homeowner.

Perhaps one of the best options for prospective home buyers is South Edmonton. While this isn’t actually a designated community or neighborhood, it does encompass a wide variety of exceptional areas. Essentially anything south of the North Saskatchewan River is considered to be a part of South Edmonton. The river itself roughly bisects the city into north and south halves, and the farther south you travel, the more residential the neighborhoods become. Of course, some individuals might think of a suburban lifestyle as pedestrian at best, but there are a whole host of options for you to choose from when it comes to living in South Edmonton.

One of the most prominent communities in South Edmonton is Mill Woods. The residential area was established in the early 1970’s and has blossomed into a bustling community of nearly 80,000 residents. It’s zoned off into 8 different communities each with their own neighborhoods to provide every area with its own distinct identity. Mill Woods also benefits from the town centre concept of urban design. In effect, each of the communities surrounds a highly commercial town centre (Mill Woods Town Centre) wherein most of the business takes place. While you’ll still receive all the benefits of being in a big city, you’ll live in area that’s virtually self-contained.

Mill Woods is also known for its level of community involvement. There are all sorts of resources for residents including an extensive website and youth sports programs. The Mill Woods Park is full of fun activities for any active types and is open year-round. Located right near the Town Centre, the Mill Woods Park offers a water playground, walkways for joggers and walkers, and a premium sports field. During Canada Day festivities, the park becomes uniquely cheerful with petting zoos, concerts, and over 50,000 visitors at any given time. It’s also an ideal spot to get in a little skiing and sledding action during the winter.

For those who prefer indoor activities, you’ll find that the Mill Woods Recreation Centre (located right near the park) has an indoor swimming pool, two regulation NHL-sized hockey sheets, and a full exercise room. You’ll definitely have no shortage of things to do in Mill Woods if you indeed decide to relocate there. In addition to all this, the Town Centre itself features an aptly named mall called the Mill Woods Town Centre. Here you can shop at among 85 different shops and retailers without ever having to leave the safety and comfort of your own neighborhood.

Of course, all of this along with a great selection of schools makes for the prospect of some highly-priced real estate. Being one of the most in-demand neighborhoods in South Edmonton is naturally going to lend itself to potentially higher real estate market values. Even so, there is a bevy of different condo and townhouse options that can give you a definitive chance at being a Mill Woods resident. Whether you’re looking for ornate high-rise condos or quaint townhouse complexes, Mill Woods has what you need. They’ve also got plenty of options under $200,000 if you’re in the market for a condo.

When choosing something a little more substantial, you’ll likely want a single family home that meets all the needs of your family. This can seem like a daunting task in such a nice community, but you might be surprised by how low some of these prices can get. The average price for a 4 bed, 3 bath house in Mill Woods is only around $350,000. Compared to many other communities in Edmonton, this is practically a steal.

If you head a bit farther north from Mill Woods, you’ll eventually run into the Bonnie Doon area. Built right on the south banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Bonnie Doon is one of the premier communities in South Edmonton. In this section of town, it’s rare to find a home (condo, single family, or otherwise) for under $350,000 and for good reason. It’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away from Edmonton’s City Centre and provides easy access to parks and trails along the Mill Creek Ravine. There is definitely a natural beauty surrounding Bonnie Doon and its adjacent neighborhoods like Strathearn, Cloverdale, and Idylwylde.

Bonnie Doon is also home to one of Edmonton’s first shopping malls—the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre. Here you can amble around in one of many different designer shops or even go bowling if you feel like it. Bonnie Doon is also famously the center of Franco-Albertan culture in Edmonton and the whole province, in general. You’ll find a large number of francophone individuals with theaters and other venues catering specifically toward a French-speaking audience. Any transplants from Quebec will certainly find a home in Bonnie Doon, but francophone heritage is certainly not a requirement for living there. You can spend hours delighting in the vibrant architecture and unique community events.

Of course, branching out to one of the surrounding neighborhoods would be just as nice (if just as expensive). The beauty of Bonnie Doon isn’t limited to Bonnie Doon and you can find it in Strathearn, Idylwylde, Cloverdale, and others. In fact, these neighborhoods are usually collectively known as the “Bonnie Doon area,” despite being distinct from one another. Maybe the greatest thing about all of these neighborhoods is that it only takes a river crossing to the north to make it into the downtown area of Edmonton. You get all the fantastic perks of a suburban environment all within a short distance of the truly big city of Edmonton.

Choosing between Mill Woods and the Bonnie Doon area (or, really, any of the other fantastic areas in South Edmonton), is certainly a difficult task. Both areas offer different slices of life that might be appealing to one and not the other. With Mill Woods, you have a wholly suburban environment enclosed in a completely self-regulating system. With the Bonnie Doon area, you have a vibrant, historic community just a stone’s throw away from the City Centre at large. There’s nothing particularly bad about any area; it all just depends on your individual taste. Both areas, of course, are going to be on the southern side of the great city of Edmonton. They are both thriving communities with involvement from a lot of different sectors of the community. You can’t really go wrong with either selection.

Riverbend Real Estate

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Edmonton is full of great communities and neighborhoods each with their own distinct flair. The Riverbend community is likely one of the better options if you’re looking to relocate. Situated in Edmonton’s southwest edge, the largely residential area is complemented by a wealth of natural beauty including, of course, the North Saskatchewan River and the Whitemud Creek Ravine. You’re also going to find a cohesive neighborhood bound together by their shared love of the community and the people in it. If you happen to move to the Riverbend area, you’re sure to find something unique for you and your family.

The entire community is separated into many different neighborhoods, each of which has its own micro-identity. Some of these neighborhoods include popular areas like Falconer Heights, Brander Gardens, and Ogilvie Ridge. Newer developments like Terwillegar Towne and Hodgson also fall within the boundaries of Riverbend. Indeed, the two aforementioned bodies of water make up the west and east boundaries while Whitemud Drive and Anthony Henday Drive make up the north and south borders respectively. Of course, the definition changes depending on whom you ask, but virtually anything within or a little outside that designated area is going to be considered Riverbend. In fact, the neighborhoods of Brookside and Brander Gardens extend just a little north of these rough boundaries, but are still considered part of Riverbend.

In any event, heading south over the North Saskatchewan River on the Quesnell Bridge will get you into Riverbend proper. There’s certainly good reason to want to end up there if you’re in the market for a new house. One of the first things you’ll notice about the area is that it’s full of parks. Perhaps the centerpiece of all the public spaces in Riverbend is the Terwillegar Park. Hugged by the winding North Saskatchewan River, the park comprises an area full of rustic beauty well within walking distance for most residents. It features a bevy of different hiking and biking trails along with a truly massive off-leash dog park. You’ll find many residents enjoying the scenery and the sun with all their furry pals.

For the exercise enthusiasts, the Terwillegar Park West Loop Trail takes you along the banks of the river and offers a scenic walking tour of all that the park has to offer, including filled ponds, towering trees, and, of course, the river itself. But, Riverbend isn’t limited to wide scale parks like Terwillegar. It’s also full of much smaller community parks dotting the landscape in the midst of a sea of houses. There will almost certainly be a place right down the street for you to take your family out for a nice day at the park. Each individual neighborhood is full of different public spaces for you to enjoy long afternoons in the sun.

Riverbend is also only a stone’s throw away from a variety of different recreational activities. Indeed, the Derrick Golf and Winter Club is just a short drive over the Whitemud Creek Ravine. During the summers, you can enjoy a full round of 18 holes of golf and in the winter you’ll enjoy activities like cross-country skiing and ice skating. They’ve also got a spa, gym, curling sheets, and a whole host of other options for any time of the year. The Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre, located in the Leger neighborhood, boasts a wide variety of indoor facilities including four NHL-sized ice rinks, an aquatic centre, and a fitness centre. Wherever you happen to go, you’re sure to find something to do in or around Riverbend.

The area also benefits from its relative proximity to the city centre of Edmonton. You’re really only 20 minutes away from enjoying all the hustle and bustle of the city streets whenever you feel like it. If you want to go catch an Oilers game, it only takes 30 minutes to get to Rexall Place. Likewise, it will only cost you a third of an hour to make it to Commonwealth Stadium for an Eskimos game. With Riverbend, you effectively get all of the perks of the inner city with the safety of a tight-knit suburban community.

Of course, the chief concern of any parent moving to a new area is the quality of the schools. Riverbend is renowned for its high-quality educational offerings. All the way from elementary school to high school, you’re going to find some of the best public and private institutions for your child. The Lillian Osborne High School is situated directly adjacent to the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre and provides the best in academic excellence. The stunning architecture is certainly a sight to behold as you can be sure that your high school student will receive the best public education you can imagine. Of course, your younger children won’t be left out to dry either. The Riverbend community features a great variety of different schooling options for elementary and junior high school students. These are generally more concentrated in the individual neighborhoods so as to provide a certain close-knit feel.

Speaking of the close-knit feel of the community, there’s even an organization to reinforce the camaraderie of the Riverbend community. This organization is aptly called the Riverbend Community League. The League provides members of the community with certain sponsored events and ongoing programs that really add to the overall cohesiveness of the area. Joining up with the League can give you access to a whole host of different fun events like free swim time at the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre. You’ll also, of course, feel a distinct sense of inclusion when it comes to the community as a whole.

When it comes right down to it, though, the most pressing issue for any potential buyer is going to be the price. With all the upscale amenities that Riverbend provides, it’s certainly reasonable to be wary of any steep prices. In reality, it’s not particularly difficult to become a homeowner in the Riverbend area. There are, in fact, many different condos and townhomes that can go for less than $200,000 in many cases. As you might expect, many of these complexes are chic and centrally located to provide you access to all the great things that Riverbend has to offer.

For many families, however, a condo isn’t quite going to make the grade. You might expect that any single family homes are going to have prices that are literally through the roof. On the contrary, Riverbend has a variety of finely-crafted homes—some with as many as 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms—that go for as low as the mid-500,000 range. Whether you’re a single business professional, or the head of your large household, there’s something for you when it comes to the Riverbend community.

Indeed, ensuring that you get the best for your money is always of high concern for any frugally-minded individual. The natural beauty, the proximity to the city centre, and the strong sense of community make Riverbend well worth its price in gold. If you’re looking to become a homeowner in the Riverbend area, it might be time to contact a realtor to get a look at all your options. After all, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who would want to pass up all of this.

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